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CAO Information letter for NEW students about starting the 2020/21/1 term

Monday, 7 September 2020

UPDATE! 09.09.2020 – The E004 Request for postponement for new SH students (FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS) is now open, until 23:59 CET on the 13th of September.

UPDATE! 02.09.2020. –  The University leadership decided, that SUBJECT REGISTRATION will be until 23:59 CET on the 4th September (FRIDAY)!

The E022 Request for ONLINE LEARNING / Preferential Course Schedule is available now in Neptun, if you will not arrive until 6th September, please submit it!

UPDATE! 12.08.2020An online questionnaire (Questionnaire about your present whereabouts and your plans for starting the autumn term) is available in the Neptun when you enter the system. PLEASE FILL IT OUT, so we can plan for the autumn term both in respects to distance learning and scholarship payments.

For SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS: the E200 Registration Form for Scholarship Holders’ is available in the Neptun from 13th August!

UPDATE! 10.08.2020 - The E024 Request for subject accreditation is now open, you may submit it until 23:59 CET on the 16th August 2020!

Based on the resolutions of the BME Legal Directorate, all NEW students have to print the registration forms (requests E100 registration form for tuition fee paying students and E200 for scholarship holder students)sign them, make digital copy and attach them to the request. If you have already submitted the request, we will send it back for corrections so you can do this task!

UPDATE! 07.08.2020. -  do not have to register for the Hungarian culture and language classes!

Dear Student,

Greetings from BME, Budapest, Hungary! We are pleased to welcome you at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) for the fall term of 2020/2021 academic year. 

Please carefully read our detailed information letter about the most important issues related to your studies at BME. This is a first Newsletter about the information we know as of today (due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are constantly changing). As soon as we know anything further, we will inform you by updating this newsletter! There is a checklist of duties at the end of this Newsletter. Also please inform yourself about university life, rules and regulations etc. through the University websites:,

Instruction, classes will start 7th of September 2020 in all forms!

Since BME will start the 2020/2021/1 term in a hybrid form, you may start your studies online, from home if you can not arrive to BME until the 6th September and fluidly continue your studies in person once you arrive (you might need 2 weeks quarantine after entering the country). Please read the Rector’s letter on the subject:

There will be a designated request through which you will be able to request the participation in online, distance education, we will inform you about it!

If you wish to partake in online, distance learning, after submitting the above request, please contact your faculty about the particulars! You can find the website of the BME faculties here:

Scholarship holders please note, that you will not receive the living and accommodation payments until you actually arrive to Hungary and continue your studies in-person.

Please also know, that you may also postpone your studies through the E004/E004B requests depending on whether or not you are a scholarship holder or a tuition fee paying student. You may also ask for a passive term through the E031 Request for passive term. These requests open and close at different times, please check in the Neptun under Administration/Requests/Available request forms. These requests will only be accepted, if you have any vis major circumstance – COVID-19 and not being able to arrive in time are NOT acceptable reasons, since you WILL BE ABLE TO START YOUR STUDIES ONLINE!

Visa, residence permit

Please apply for a long-term (D-type) visa to travel to Hungary for your studies. Please be aware that 30 days after arrival to Hungary, you are obliged to apply for a residence permit. Please read the details on the home page of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing  carefully and act according to the instructions written there. The International Mentor Team  will assist scholarship holders in this procedure.

Arrival information

As of today, all we know, is if you come from certain countries, you will need:

1. A leniency application, read about it here: and the guide of the BME Mentor team here:

2. You will need to spend 14 days in self-isolation or in official quarantine, depending on the result of the mandatory medical examination at the border. Requirements for exemption of the above quarantine regulations: 2 negative SARS-CoV-2 molecular biologic test results (medical certificate issued either in English or in Hungarian) taken within the five day period preceding entry to Hungary.

3. If you need for any part of the procedure, a Student Status certificate from BME, you will have to activate your term (read about it below), and send in the E027 (under construction now) or E999 (until the E027 is opened) request.

Please inform yourself about the Government’s COVID-19 measures concerning your countries, and entering Hungary at the following websites, and contact the Consulate/Embassy of your country:

In case of PhD students please consult with your faculty coordinator. (You can find her/his name in Neptun: Studies/Training data/Administrator)

For further information about the following,


Scholarship payment, costs in Budapest

Health insurance information for scholarship holders,

you will receive a separate Newsletter, but if you have any urgent questions, please contact the BME International Mentor Team:

Health Insurance information for Tuition fee paying students:

Registration at BME

In case of PhD students please consult with your faculty coordinator. (You can find her/his name in Neptun: Studies/Training data/Administrator)

Registration to BME is a pre-requisite to start your studies and immigration procedure.

At BME it is done in two steps: online and in person. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no central in-person registration, but as soon as you arrive and have completed the quarantine or the Covid-19 tests, you will have to come in person to the Central Academic Office in Building R during opening hours (please see the website for more information on our opening hours).

The Online registration has several steps you have to make in the Neptun system, and are crucial for finalizing your registration, no matter which form of instruction you will take part in (read more about how to do these below):

1. You have to register for the 2020/2021/1 term.

2. You have to submit the Registration requests (E200 for Scholarship holders, and E100 for tuition fee paying students)

you have to print it, sign it, make a digital copy and attach it to the request (update)!

3. You have to register for you subjects (except for students on the PRE engineering course, and for those studying on the Faculty of Chemical Engineering or Faculty of Civil Engineering, because the faculty will register your 1st term subjects for you).

Online term registration is in Neptun from 06:00:00 (Central European Time [CET]) on 20th July until 23:59:59 (CET) on 6th September even from home.

 Online subject and course registration is in Neptun from 18:00:00 (CET) on 31st August until 23:59:59 (CET) on 6th September even from home. 

For the registration in person you will need the following (only come in after you have met the quarantine or COVID-19 test obligations!):

  • Valid passport and its photocopy
  • Letter of Acceptance (please print out the one sent by BME)
  • Letter of Award for scholarship students(please print out the one sent by Tempus for scholarship holders)
  • Transcripts and diplomas of your previous studies and their photocopies (due to the pandemic, you will have 6 months to present your original documents)
  • In case you study at MSc or PhD level the proof of your knowledge of the English language and their photocopies
  • 1 piece of your passport size photo

Each document will be carefully checked at registration. In case of falsified/fake documents or documents of questionable origin, registration will be refused from the applicant.

Please note that you do not need to postpone your studies, or ask for a passive term if you can not arrive to Hungary before the start of the 2020/2021/1 term, since you will be able to start your studies through distance learning methods!


 It is BME’s database managing students’ personal, academic and financial data and the subjects and courses which they can study at BME.

Your initial login name in Neptun is the Student ID code sent in your letter of acceptance or in a separate e-mail, and your initial password includes your birthdate of the following format: NeYYYYMMDD. It is recommended to change your initial password. 

Subjects also have codes in Neptun like BMEVITMAK47, BMEGEENMWCT or BMEGT658151, where the fourth and fifth characters (EO, GE, EP, VE, VI, KO, TE or GT) are specific to the faculties and the eighth for the level of the course (A for BSc level, M for MSc level and neither A nor M for general purpose courses).

Short description about how to register for the term and your subjects and courses and submit the E100/E200 request in Neptun

1. Login Neptun on its website (please save this page for future works in Neptun) after clicking the English flag to switch the language from Hungarian to English. Your Neptun login name is in your Letter of Acceptance on the right hand side of the top of the sheet (Neptun code), or you received a separate e-mail with your Neptun Code in it, your initial password includes your birthdate of the following format: NeYYYYMMDD

If you have had a previous BME training program, please make sure, that on the upper left corner you have the right training program set.

2. At first please change your initial password and check your registered email address in Neptun as we use that registered email address for all communication.

3. To do your term registration, please choose Administration and Enrollment/Registration under it, then the grey + sign at the end of the line of your training and click Register. In the opening window select Active (in case of part-time students Active (International program)) accordingly. Neptun will send you a message about the successful registration for the term.

4. To submit your registration form (E100/E200 request) in Neptun, please look for the” E100 Registration Form” or „E200 Registration Form for Scholarship Holders” request at Administration/Requests/Available request forms, read it carefully, modify your data in Neptun if it is necessary and click Submit request at the bottom.

5. To do your course registration please choose Register for subject option under Subjects menu and do the settings in the following way:
Terms: 2020/21/1
Subject type: Subjects from curriculum
Curriculums: All
Subject group: All
Language: English
Period start: blank
Period end: blank
Click on List subjects
Click on Recommended term (to set the order of the subjects according to the recommended terms).

Please note, that for the following programs, your subjects will be registered centrally by the faculty: PRE engineering course, for those studying on the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, and the Faculty of Civil Engineering!

Hungarian courses for scholarship holders are mandatory! Please keep in mind, that according to the Operational regulations “A scholarship holder in full-time foreign language bachelor’s and master’s courses (including also one-tier master’s degree) is required to attend the Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course”. - Check Tempus Public Foundation’s website for more details at  III.2. Obligations Related to Learning Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture. These subjects will be registered for you by the university (update)!

Always check the language of the course (click Language to set the order of the courses according to their languages). It should be English (except for Hungarian language courses).

If you wish to search for the name or code of a certain subject then please click on the magnifier (search icon) on the right top, choose Subject name or Subject code and type or copy the name or code of the course and click on Search.

After choosing all your subjects and courses please check your schedule. Under Studies menu choose Class schedule option and do the necessary settings (Classes, Normal, Weekly view, proper time interval) to see your schedule.

You can check the chosen course's schedule info before registering it if you click on the course's line on the gray square with + in it and choose Subject details.

It is very important to do your term and course registration as soon as possible not to run into full courses. Please do not leave your course registration for the time when you are at BME to do it with us since the capacity of our staff and our office hours in the Central Academic Office (CAO) are limited to do it instead of or with you. We can only assist you in solving technical problems.

If you wish to deregister from a subject:
Choose Subjects menu and click Registered subjects option under it.
Choose the proper term (2020/21/1), click on List button then on the gray square with + in it at the course you want to cancel, choose Deregister subject option and confirm your decision. 

Problems you may be face with:
1. The subject has been registered but doesn't appear in the timetable >> this means that the department has not uploaded the timetable in Neptun yet so please check it later again.
2. The course is full >> please submit an „E018 Request to register for subjects and/or to drop subjects” at Administration/Requests/Available request forms/E018 Request to register for subjects and/or to drop subjects to ask the department if it is possible to increase the limit (though there is very little chance so it is better to do the subject registration as soon as possible!).

3. You run into prerequisite problems >> please submit the E018 Request to register for subjects and/or to drop subjects

The E018 request is open between 31.08.2020 – 13.09.2020 23:59 CET, and 14.09.2020-20.09.2020 23:25 CET for a fee: 5.500HUF/subject

General purpose request in Neptun (E101SH)

 If you have any question concerning your accommodation, application for residence permit or tax ID or social security number or bank account then please open an E101SH request in Neptun, classify your problem according to the categories given in it, describe your problem and submit it. Our experts will try to help you as soon as possible and the response will arrive also in Neptun and to your email address.

Student ID, public transportation in Budapest 

You can receive your temporary student ID certificate as soon as you have permanent accommodation of Hungarian address in Neptun to buy student monthly pass for Budapest public transportation and enjoy other student discounts, too (please read the details below about the E066 request in Neptun).

Please read the details of the public transportation in Budapest on the website of the Budapest Transportation Co. (BKK)

Please read “Application procedure for permanent student card” on our website to see the details of application for permanent student ID card.

If you need a temporary student ID certificate (temporary student card) then please enter your temporary address (in Hungary) into Neptun under My data/Contact information/Addresses/Add new (it is a necessary step to receive the certificate) and then submit an „E066 Request for temporary student certificate” request at Administration/Requests/Available request forms/ E066 Request for temporary student certificate and click Submit request at the bottom.

If the status of your E066 request in Neptun (under Administration/Requests/Submitted requests) is Approved and closed then you can pick up your student certificate from the next working day on from CAO during our office hours (please see the website for more information on our opening hours)  after drawing a number for Student ID management in the main hall). If the Covid-19 situation stays the same or worsens, you will receive the document digitally, with a digital signature in the attachment of the request. Please notice that the issued certificates are valid for 60 days and you have to submit a new request for a new one

Extra fees for special instances



late enrolment in Neptun

5.500 HUF

late activation of a term

5.500 HUF

late registration/dropping of a subject

5.500 HUF

repeated registration for a failed subject

4.500 HUF/course

re-registering for a subject to improve the mark paid in advance

4.500 HUF

late submission of home assignment

2.500 HUF/assignment

overdue submission of their work plan

5.500 HUF/work plan

repeated resitting of a test

4.500 HUF/resitting

unverified absence from an examination

5.500 HUF/absence

3rd and further exam in the same subject

4.500 HUF/exam

late payment of a fee

1.400 HUF

replacement of lost student card

3.500 HUF

If you have to pay any one from the above fees please read “Finances in Neptun” on our website to see the details of your payment.

Loosing the scholarship

Please read carefully the Operational regulations at Tempus Public Foundation’s website:  and be aware of the rules regarding the loss of the scholarship especially (but not exclusively) the following:

  • Minimum credit requirement: The scholarship holder is required to fulfil the study, examination obligation and curriculum development by earning at least eighteen credits (i.e., earns a total of 36 credits) on the average of the last two semesters in which the student is not suspended (minimum credit requirement).
  • Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course: A scholarship holder in full-time foreign language bachelor’s and master’s courses (including also one-tier master’s degree) is required to attend the Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course provided by the host institution in the first year of their studies in the SH Programme. Should the scholarship holder fail to fulfil its obligation, the amount of the scholarship shall be reduced. These subjects will be registered for you by the university (update)!

Extension of the scholarship status

  • During the term of scholarship, the scholarship holder may apply for an extension of their scholarship status, but keep in mind, that during the extension, scholarship holders may not receive a scholarship or housing allowance.


A student can be dismissed for the following academic reasons:

  • if he/she is not able to collect all the credits necessary for graduation in his/her training program during twice as much time as the nominal duration of the program or in case of transfer students until the deadline given by the Faculty Study Committee (FSC) or
  • if in the same program in case of the same subject after 1st of September, 2012 he/she has at least six unsuccessful exams or
  • if in the same program in case of the same subject after 1st of September, 2015 he/she is unable to collect the credits of the subject after six subject registration or
  • if in a BSc or MSc in Architecture training program started later than 1st October, 2015 after the fourth active term the cumulative credit index (CCI) is below 2.25, or
  • if in an MSc training program started later than 1st October, 2015 after the second active term the cumulative credit index (CCI) is below 2.5, or
  • if in a training program started later than 1st October, 2015 he/she has been unable to collect at least 20 credits during the last 3 active terms.

The student will be informed about his/her dismissal according to academic reasons in a declaration by email to his/her email address in Neptun. In case of terminating student status the liabilities should be paid and the transcript can be retained until their total payment.

Students can be dismissed according his/her own request by submitting an E032 request in Neptun. Their student status will be terminated on the day of the submission of the request. They will be informed about the termination of their student status in a declaration and attached transcript by email to their email address in Neptun. In case of terminating student status the liabilities should be paid and the transcript can be retained until their total payment.

Here is a link where you can find the campus map.

The most important things to do in chronological order (checklist): 

1. Start your visa process and book a flight!

2. Do the online registration in Neptun (set your status to active): Deadline: 6th September

3. Submit the E200 Registration Form for Scholarship Holders/ E100 Registration Form request in Neptun! Deadline: 6th September

4. Register for your subjects in Neptun! deadline: 6th September (for the following programs, your subjects will be registered centrally by the faculty: PRE engineering course, for those studying on the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, and the Faculty of Civil Engineering)  The Hungarian language and culture courses will be registered for the scholarship holders by the university!

5. If you cannot arrive until 6th September, submit the request for online, distance learning, and join the in person instruction as soon as you come in (after the quarantine or 2 negative Covid-19 tests).

6. Start the registration processes in order to receive your residence permit, student ID card, bank account, and for scholarship holders social security number (TAJ card), tax ID card also! The International Mentor Team can help you, please contact them through: .

We are looking forward to cooperating with you during your studies at BME.

Best regards,

BME Central Academic Office

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