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Available requests in Neptun


There might be requests not shown here, if it is for/by the Faculties or the Directorate of Sales and services.

E001 Appeal: This is a request for reconsideration of the decision on another request.

E003 Request for Equity (Faculty Chance): This request is for asking exemption from any one of the BME Code of Studies regulations. You can get faculty chance only once during your studies!

004 Request for deferment for new studentsFor tuition fee paying students the 004 request is available until 23:59 CET, 30.03.2024 in the Spring term, until 23:59 CET, 30.10.2024 in the Fall term. For Scholarship holder students the 004 request will be available until mid September in the Fall term.

006 Request for Discrepancy Elimination in Grade

007 Opposition to payment obligation: Based on the BME Regulations on Student Fees and Benefits Annex 2. 2.§ (5) „Students shall have the right to seek legal remedy regarding the fees not determined and levied by the students pursuant to the provisions of Chapter X of the TVSZ (BME Code of Studies)”.  The students may exercise their above right through the „007 Opposition to payment obligation” request. For more details, please read our insrtuction among Neptun guides.

008 Request to re-register for a subject to improve the grade: It is available each term during the examination and registration periods. It is necessary to have 4500 HUF on your Neptun bank account before submitting the request. The subject will not be registered again, your improved grade will be entered to the subject in the past term.

E009 Request for extension for SH/HDS/SCYP students

The request will be available in the Spring term between mid March – mid April, in the Fall term between mid October – mid November.

010 Request for tuition fee reduction: This request is for tuition fee paying students, who can ask for tuition fee reduction.

011 Request for transferring to another training program, for tuition fee paying students: If you wish to change training programs within BME, based on BME Code of Studies Section 54, you have to claim it through this request.  It is usually open between the examination and registration periods.

013 Request for deferred exam: Article (8) Section 120. of the BME Code of Studies – „Based on student request and in duly justified instances, the FSC may allow the student to take an exam after the exam period but not later than the beginning of the next term [deferred exam].” After the request is accepted, the student will receive – in the attachment of the request – a formal decision. The student has to send this decision to the department responsible for the subject to arrange the special exam period for the deferred exam.

018 Request to register for subjects / to drop subjects: It is available each term and until the end of the first week of study period it is free, after that you have to pay 5500 HUF/ course through your Neptun account. For more details, please read our insrtuction among Neptun guides.

022 Request for Preferential Course Schedule: to receive permission to arrive late and follow the classes in asynchronous mode by professors' teaching material.

E024 Request for subject accreditation: By this request, you can transfer credits from your previous studies. For more details, please read our insrtuction among Neptun guides

1. Pre-BME-studies accreditation: it is basically part of the admission process, especially for transfer students. In this case, you have to fill out the Excel file for request E024 with the Faculty Credit Transfer Committee, and MUST include the decision columns.

2. Parallel-BME-studies accreditation: if you took part in a summer school, exchange program, etc., parallel to your BME studies, you may accredit the subjects/marks you obtained outside of BME. In this case, please DO NOT fill out the decision columns of the table, the Credit Transfer Committee will do so! If you try to accredit a pre-BME subject, your request will be denied by your CAO coordinator. Please find your faculties and responsible persons under Useful links.

027 Request for a certificateThrough this request you can ask for any kind of official certificate/document, e.g.: General Student Status Certificate, Transcript, Diploma copy etc. For some documents you will need to pay, but it will be shown in the request, please read it carefully when submitting it! The digital documents can be downloaded from the request supplement. Please see the Neptun guides.

031 Retrospective request for passive term: In autumn terms from 15 October, in spring terms from 15 March only with special justification (according to FSC decision).

032 Dismissal upon request

E033 Request for changing institution, major or/and language of studies for SH/HDS/SCYP students

The request will be available in the Spring term between mid March – mid April, in the Fall term between mid October – mid November.

034 Resignation from enrolment opportunity: This request is for every new student at the beginning of studies in order to resign from the enrolment opportunity. In relation with the student’s enrolment for the concerned training programme especially with the student’s registration for the concerned term is void according to the request and the student’s term can be cancelled.

040 Presentation of document

  • Study contract (can be downloaded from Neptun under Information/General forms)
  • Declaration of state scholarship (can be downloaded from Neptun under Information/General forms)
  • Certificate of language exam
  • Learning agreement of incoming Erasmus+ mobility students
  • SCYP Travel allowance declaration
  • Credit certificate for checking the minimum credit requirement
  • Authorisation
  • Certificate for data in diploma and declaration of consent for transmission

066 Request for student ID certificate

100 Online registrationThis request is for every new student at the beginning of studies in order to complete the enrolment.

101 Request to pay the tuition fee in installments and/or to modify the deadline of tuition fee paym: It can be submitted from an inflicted item.

102 Request for late activation of the term: This request is available after the registration period for 1 week. It is necessary to have 5500 HUF on your Neptun bank account before submitting the request.

111 Request to examine money transfer to Neptun account: Please submit this request if you transferred money to your Neptun account and after 3 working days it is still not available in Neptun for you.

112 Request for International Bank Account registration

E999 Request for a purpose not specified in any other requests