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Downloadable documents




Two types of authorisation are accepted:

  1. a handwritten document does not need two witnesses, but must have at least 3 identification data which do not change during the life of the authorising/authorised persons (e.g. name at birth, date of birth and mother's name) for each.
  2. printed authorisation - preferably on a form downloadable from CAO website - two witnesses required - with 3 identification data for the authorising/authorised persons for each.. For witnesses names, permanent addresses/residence addresses must be legible next to the signature.

In all cases where the authorising person is unable to sign the authorisation in person, it must also be attached as an attachment to the "040_Presentation of Document" request. The attached authorisation must already contain the signatures and details of the two witnesses!

The authorised person submits the authorisation received by e-mail and then printed out at the CAO. A member of staff at CAO will compare this document with the one submitted as an attachment to the application. If they match he/she will have the authorised person sign the hard copy of the authorisation and accept it.


Certificate for data in diploma and declaration of consent for transmission
(The language can be changed in the top left corner of the document.)

System of assessment signed digitally

Order form for Diploma Duplicate (Annex 1)

Order form for Diploma Supplement Duplicate (Annex 2)

Order form for copy of Diploma (Annex 3)

Order form for copy of Diploma Supplement (Annex 4)


Excel file for request E024


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