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How to apply for student ID card

To apply for and receive student ID card is free of charge if you are a student of active status at any Hungarian higher education institution.

To submit your request you need your NEK identifier (NEK is for the Hungarian Unified Card System) which can be obtained at the Governmental Offices (Kormányhivatal in Hungarian) free of charge.

Necessary documents for NEK application: passport or ID and certificate about your address in Hungary. IMPORTANT: the personal information (your name, your mother’s maiden name, your birth place) have to be exactly the same as in Neptun. Any difference can cause administration problem which could delay the manifacturing of your permanent Student ID Card.

Your NEK datasheet is valid for 5 years and can be used for other applications (if it has been lost then it can be replaced free of charge).

New NEK application is necessary if any of your personal data has been changed or your photo or your signature is expired.


Student ID card application in Neptun

Your NEK identifier and checking your Neptun data are needed.
Request can be submitted in Neptun under Administration/Student Card request/Add new. Please leave out dashes in your NEK and leave empty Secondary institution data.

How to apply for temporary student ID certificate

If you have already applied for your student ID card then 066 Request for student ID certificate can be submitted in Neptun (except for exchange, study abroad and guest students who can apply for this certificate without applying for student ID card).
If the request is accepted in Neptun then the certificate can be picked up from CAO (building R, ground floor, main hall) during opening hours or can be requested to be sent in regular mail within Hungary whose cost is 500 HUF which will be inflicted in Neptun.

Please note that the temporary student ID certificate is valid for only 60 days but it can be applied for again.

Picking up student ID card

If your student ID card has been manufactured then a message is sent by CAO about it. Please do not want to pick it up until you receive this message independently of the status of your request.
Student ID card can not be sent by regular mail.
Authorized person with original authorizaton can pick up your student ID card. Official authorization can be downloaded from here.

Validation of your student ID card

Your student ID card can be validated term by term with holographic stickers available during opening hours. Sticker can be received only if it is stuck onto your card by a CAO administrator and you sign that you received.

Please note that sticker can be received only if your term status is active (and not available if it is passive).

Purchasing of Budapest pass for students

You can purchase Budapest pass at ticket vending machine or BKK Customer Service Centres. At purchasing you have to provide an identification number. The accepted ID numbers are the followings:

  • Student ID number
  • Education ID (you may find it Neptun under My Data/Personal Information)
  • The ID number of the certificate (called: igazolás sorszáma) which document is issued by the educational institution in place of a student ID in accordance with the appendix of Government Decree 362/2011 (XII.30.) is only valid together with a photo ID. (Temporary Student ID Certificate)

One of these - but only one! - must be entered when you purchase the pass to print the pass. The ticket inspectors will accept any of these numbers on the pass. The main thing is that the pass must be clearly linked to the document that entitles you to the discount and that only one of those numbers is presented on the pass.

With any other questions you may turn to the BKK Customer Service Centres.