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Health insurance

Please note that you are entitled the following two health insurances free of charge. You can get both of them.

1. Hungarian social security called TAJ card
2. Private insurance with an insurance company

3. Personal travel insurance valid from departure to a 2 months time period.

Please note that you get the TAJ card once it’s ready but it takes about 8 weeks to get the card. The private insurance does not cover all health related costs as you can read below. It only covers health issues up to certain HUF (during the insurance period). Therefore we recommend you to purchase a personal Travel insurance which is valid for a 2 months period for covering the extra costs of any health related costs over the private insurance cover until your TAJ card will be ready.

TAJ card (Hungarian social security card)

Private insurance

The Mentor Team visit the health insurance office regularly.

All you have to do is present the followings

  • Letter     of     Award     from     Tempus Foundation
  • copy of your passport
  • copy  of  your  residence  permit  (both sides)
  • copy of your address card (both sides)

You can get the insurance in building R, ground floor, room No. 10.

All you have to do is present the followings

  • your passport
  • your residence permit
  • your TAJ number (if you have one)
  • your education ID

Please note that you must have a valid TAJ card if you would like to work in Hungary.


The TAJ card can be used free of charge at Hungarian    hospitals,    surgeries    and    clinics operated by the Hungarian government.

Can be used in the surgeries and hospitals that the insurance company recommends.

The    hospital/surgery    staff    most    probably speaks only Hungarian.

The doctors speak English.

The TAJ card covers all health related costs with no limitation. E.g. surgery, X-ray, plaster bandage, staying in a hospital etc.

Covers health issues up to certain HUF (during      the      insurance      period).      For specification please check the Insurance product profile.

Basic  dental  services  (checking,  filling,  root canal  treatment,  tartar  removal)  are  free  of charge  at  surgeries  and  clinics  operated  by the Hungarian government.

The dentist is covered according to the product profile!

You   get   the   TAJ   card   in   the   Central Academic Office once it’s ready. It takes about 8 weeks to get the card.

You can apply for the insurance immediately in building R, ground floor, room No. 10 central office.

The expiry date of the  TAJ  card equals to the expiry  date  of  the  residence  permit  and  it  is stamped  on  the  card. However regardless of the expiry date you will not be able to get any health service as soon as your active student status ends.

The insurance is valid from September 1 until January 31 in fall terms and from February 1 until August 31 in spring terms.

How to get a new insurance card?


Please contact our mentors who can help you in the application:


How to get a new insurance card?


You have to visit building R, ground floor, room No. 10. at the beginning of the Fall/Spring semester and the SH coordinators issue the new insurance.

Please find more details of private insurance among Downloadable documents.