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BME Central Academic Office (CAO) Newsletter on the ONLINE Opening the 2020/21/2 Term in the Neptun – Registration and Enrolment for Subjects

Thursday, 11 February 2021

UPDATE: The 2020/21/2 term will start ONLINE! Please contact your faculty about the particulars of instruction (

UPDATE: 15.01.2021 - Subject registration will start on the 29th January 2021 at 18:00 CET

Dear Student!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we do not know how instruction in the 2020/21/2 term will start. We know the dates and tasks you HAVE TO DO in the Neptun system, ONLINE and from anywhere in the world.

Please read on carefully, and follow the other News and information on our website (, it is constantly updated with the necessary information! This newsletter will also be updated when we know more about the spring term, so please check it on our website frequently.

See the Academic calendar for the most important dates, holidays etc., for the upcoming academic year please see our website at 

PhD students should contact their faculty about the details of their term registration! ( )

 To register in the Neptun (online, from anywhere in the world) you HAVE TO COMPLETE the following steps:

1. Register for the term, setting your status to either Active or Passive, please see the Neptun Guide to TERM REGISTRATION if needed at:  . The dates for this can be seen below. We brought this date forward for students, who don’t have an Active status for the 2020/21/1 term, so you can get the Certificate to Enter Hungary, Student Status certificates etc. as soon as possible (at the end of the Newsletter there is information about entering Hungary). Do not wait for your registration request to be accepted, these two things are not connected!

2. Submitting the Registration requests, the dates of availability can be seen below. You have to print the request form after filling it in, sign it, make a digital copy and attach it back to the request.

Tuition fee paying students – NEW and HIGHER TERM

E100 Registration request – you have to attach your proof of tuition fee payment!

NEW Scholarship holder students

E200 Registration Form for Scholarship Holders

HIGHER TERM scholarship holder students

DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT a registration request

 3.  Registering for subjects (except for NEW students on the PRE engineering course, and for those studying on the BSc courses Faculty of Chemical Engineering or Faculty of Civil Engineering, because the faculty will register your 1st term subjects for you). Please see the Neptun Guide for registering for subject if necessary at:

Hungarian courses for scholarship holders are mandatory!

In the table below, you can see all the important dates, and further below the consequent requests:

Registration for the term for NEW students and those whose 2020/21/1 term was PASSIVE

13th January 2021

Registration for the term for students whose 2020/21/1 term was ACTIVE

27th January 2021

Registration PERIOD – registration for subjects

18:00 CET on 29th January – 5th February 2021

 In the table below, we collected all the requests, their opening/closing dates that might be important for you during this period:

Name of request



E004B Request for postponement of studies for tuition fee paying students



E008 Request to repeated registration for a subject for improvement



E009 Request for extension for SH students



E010 Tuition fee



E018 Request to register for subjects / to drop subjects



E018 Request to register for subjects / to drop subjects FOR A FEE



E022 Request for ONLINE LEARNING/Preferential Course Schedule[1]

Always open

Always open

E024 Request for subject accreditation



E030 Request for withdrawal of active status



E031 Request for passive term



E032 Dismissal upon request

Always open

Always open

E033 Request for changing institution, major or/and language of studies for SH students



E100 Registration Form



E100P Request for late registration



E200 Registration Form for Scholarship Holders (FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY!!!)



[1] We do not know if and how online learning in the spring term will be.

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