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BME CAO Newsletter on Closing the 2020/21/1 term – Enrolment on Exams, Repeat and Exam Periods

Monday, 4 January 2021

Dear Student!

We would like to help you to organize your tasks at the end of the term by collecting the most important pieces of information concerning the repeat and exam periods and deferred exams.


Information about periods and dates

repeat period/delayed submission of homework

12th – 18th December, 2020

exam enrolment period

18:00 CET on 8th December, 2020 – 23:59 on 26th January, 2021

last day of the study period

11th December, 2020

exam period

21st December, 2020 – 26th January, 2021

deadline for departments to enter marks in Neptun

14:00 CET on 28th January, 2021



Information on the enrolment on exams

  • You can sit an exam if you have valid signature of the respective subject (validity of a signature is unlimited unless the course requirement of the corresponding subject regulates it in a different way).
  • In case of a denied signature you have to withdraw your enrolment on your already enrolled exams otherwise 5.500.- HUF/exam extra fee has to be paid.

In case of expired deadline financial liabilities you are not allowed to enroll on exams. To see your liabilities in Neptun in Finances/Payment choose All terms and Active status and click the List button.

  • If a mark is offered for you in a subject and you accept it then please enroll on an exam of the subject so that the mark can be entered into Neptun by the department. If you do not enroll on an exam then your offered mark will not be entered into Neptun „automatically” (through only an enrolled exam).
  • Enrolment on exams (or drop exams) can be done in Neptun in Exams/Exam registration after selecting the term 2020/21/1 and Every subject and clicking the List exams button. After choosing the subject and the proper date of the exam click the + (Options) button at the end of the line and choose Register (Drop).
  • Enrolment or withdrawal (drop) of enrolment on exams can be done only in Neptun until noon of the previous day.


Repeat period, late submission of homework, second repeat midterms

  • Homework can be submitted late until 18th December, 2020 by paying 2.500.- HUF late fee. Homework late fees are charged in Neptun according to the reports of the departments by the Dean’s Offices and the deadline to pay the fee is 15 days.
  • If the courses’ requirements make it possible departments arrange dates and times until the 18th December for the retakes of repeat midterms in Neptun („second retake fee”) and they have to be enrolled in the same way as if they were regular exams (see above) but an extra fee (4.500.- HUF) should be paid in Neptun. The course requirements can exclude the repeat of certain elements of the mid-term checks. The second repeat midterm fees are charged in Neptun according to the reports of the departments by the Central Academic Office (CAO) and the deadline to pay the fee is 15 days.
  • To pay the above registered extra fee please check at first if the Balance on the joint account under Financies/Payment is at least the extra fee which you would like to pay. If you can not see here Balance on the joint account or it is less then the extra fee then read and follow the guide on the website. Please transfer enough money from your own bank account to your Neptun bank account to pay your extra fee from there. Please note that this transfer can last 5 working days.
  • If your Balance on the joint account under Finances/Payment is at least the extra fee which you would like to pay then set Terms to 2020/21/1, Status to Active and click List. Under Payments/Transcribed items check out the extra fee and click Pay in. If the payment is successful then you receive the Success window and the Status of your item changes from Active to Fulfilled.
  • If you oppose an inflicted fee, please submit the “007 Opposition to payment obligation” financial request, you can find information about the request on the website.


Information on presence and number of exams

Covid-19 measure: Based on the decision of the Coordination Committee (BME Regulations Concerning the Coronavirus (2019-NCOV) Pandemic)

  • all exams will be carried out online using information technologies. For further information you have to contact the Department holding the exam!
  • The number of repeat exams to improve your mark (second, third, etc. exams) is not limited, but the extra fee of the second/third repeat exams (third, fourth, etc. exams accumulated from 1st September, 2016) is 4.500.- HUF/exam meaning if you had two exams last term then for even the first one from the same subject this term you have to pay the above extra fee. In case of reasonable requests resits of repeat exams can be done in front of a committee. Improving mark fees are registered in Neptun by CAO after entering the mark in Neptun and the deadline to pay the fee is 3 days.
  • Your student status ceases according to the law if after 1st September, 2012 you fail 6 times from the same subject or after 1st September, 2015 even after the 6th registration of the same subject you are unable to collect its credits. There can be no equity in these cases.
  • If your absence on an exam is justified and you were not able to sit the exam or withdraw your enrolment in time in Neptun then you have to justify your absence directly to the lecturer (in person or in written form) within 8 days of the absence. If the lecturer refuses the justification then you can submit an E999 request to the Faculty Study Committee (FSC) within 8 days after the refusal.
  • If your absence on an exam is not justified then you have to pay 5.500.- HUF extra fee.


Student certificate replacing student card

  • As you were informed previously the only way to request your student certificate replacing your student card is to submit an E066 (and not 066 !) request in Neptun. This calendar year the deadline to submit E066 requests is 20th December, 2020.


Office hours in CAO in December and January

  • until 17th December regular service (Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12.00-15.30, in building R, ground floor, main hall) will be available.
  • between 24th December, 2020 and 3rd January, 2021 CAO will be closed. Regular service will be available between 12:00 and 15:30 on 5th January, 2021 again.


Wishing you successful exam period:

BME CAO, Office of International Education

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