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Rules for entering Hungary

Monday, 15 February 2021

Dear Students,

We have received several questions about entering Hungary. This description should give you all the answers you will need.

For more detailed information please see the International Mentor Team website:

From 1 September 2020, all countries of the world are classified unsafe to travel to/from by the Hungarian authorities and as such, foreign citizens can only enter Hungary under special conditions. This measure is to protect all residents from the spread of the Coronavirus. Please be mindful of this and do NOT engage in unnecessary international travel (not even within the EU) until further notice. 

Students at Hungarian universities can still enter Hungary despite the ban. However, there are strict rules regarding it! Also, in these volatile times, rules and regulations may change overnight, so please keep an eye on Hungarian news.

 All students are subject to a 10-day-long mandatory home quarantine at their Hungarian address. This quarantine may be lifted after taking 2 PCR SARS-CoV-2 tests in Hungary (at least 48 hours apart). The university cannot provide you with a place to spend your quarantine, so we strongly advise you to arrange accommodation for yourself before arriving!

You can do the tests privately, you can request clinics to do the tests for you. They will cost you 19,500 HUF. A complete list of competent clinics are available here in Hungarian. Also two of these clinics have websites in English: Rózsakert Medical Center and Buda Health Center.

Alternatively, you can stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. Online grocery shopping and deliveries work perfectly in Budapest, so you will not face any needs.


  • If you do not have a residence permit and a visa is required from you, apply for a D-type visa.
  • Download, fill and print the Neptun certificate to enter Hungary, according to this page. (This is possible after you hvae registered for and active term in the Neptun, we will ifrom you aout the date when you can do this)
  • Print your Letter of Acceptance.
  • Request and print a student status certificate (E999 request on Neptun)
  • Arrange quarantine accommodation if your long-term accommodation is not suitable for self-isolation.
  • Submit a leniency form on the Hungarian Police’s website: guide will help you:

If you need a place, where you can spend your quarantine, here are some hotel/hostel options:

Have a safe trip and a successful term!

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