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BME regulations concerning the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic

Monday, 31 August 2020

Read about the BME regulations concerning the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic, through this communique concerning university life, the measures BME has taken since February 2020.

It includes:

05. September 2020 - Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary and special medical examination for Hungarian students with dual citizenship, for non-Hungarian students and for students of foreign higher education institutions

27. August 2020 - Procedures for non-Hungarian students and higher education staff regarding the rules of entering Hungary and special medical examination

30. July, 2020 - Rector’s circular No. 1/2020. (2020. VII. 22.) regarding the Fall Semester of academic year 2020/2021.: 

"IV. Special regulations concerning international students and programs in foreign (English) language

  1. For international students, who are able to attend in person and are staying in Hungary, in-person study activities are organized under the same regulations applying as to students in Hungarian programmes.
  2. International students with active student status, who cannot attend study activities in person, must be given the opportunity of distance education in such a format, that enables them to join in-person education smoothly, once it is possible. In case of international students participating in distance education, time difference between their country of residence and Hungary shall be considered, and thus such students cannot be required to join real-time online classes.
  3. Student participating in distance education work order must join to study activities in person at the earliest time his/her circumstances allow (as soon as possible)."

22. June, 2020 - Measures in relation to enhanced epidemiological protection. Further measures required in relation to Act LVIII of 2020 on the transitional rules related to the cessation of the emergency situation and on epidemiological preparedness and to certain government decrees

18. May, 2020 - Measures affecting activities of the University on the basis of the Government Decree 211/2020. (V. 16.) on the protection measures in the capital Budapest

11. April, 2020 - Complementing the measures of 16 March 2020 related to enhanced epidemiological protection

6.April, 2020 - Information Letter to Students

29. March, 2020 - Further measures in relation to enhanced epidemiological protection

27. March, 2020 - I. Additional provisions on the organization of study work, II. Modification of the Coordination Committee measures of 9 March 2020

22. March, 2020 - Further provisions on the organization of study work

16. March, 2020 - Provisions concerning the organization of study work and schedule of Spring Semester

12. March, 2020 - Provisions for dormitories and dormitory residents

11. March, 2020 -  I. Suspension of educational activities, II. Provisions concerning students, III. Provisions concerning university staff


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