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Neptun operating time

00:00 – 04:00 operation

04:00 – 06:00 outage

06:00 – 24:00 operation

For extreme differences see the News.

Based on the Regulations on student fees and benefits, you might have to pay certain fines within the Neptun system:



late enrolment in Neptun

5.500 HUF

late activation of a term

5.500 HUF

late registration/dropping of a subject

5.500 HUF

repeated registration for a failed subject

4.500 HUF/course

re-registering for a subject to improve the mark paid in advance

4.500 HUF

late submission of home assignment

2.500 HUF/assignment

overdue submission of their work plan

5.500 HUF/work plan

repeated resitting of a test

4.500 HUF/resitting

unverified absence from an examination

5.500 HUF/absence

3rd and further exam in the same subject

4.500 HUF/exam

overdue provision of any required data

500 HUF/data

late payment of a fee

1.400 HUF

replacement of lost student card

3.500 HUF

credits exceeding the limit (110%)

5.500 HUF/credit

copy of Diploma

500 HUF (+2000 HUF in fee stamp)

copy of Diploma Supplement

2000 HUF

duplicate of Diploma

6000 HUF (+2000 HUF in fee stamp)

duplicate of Diploma Supplement

5000 HUF

decorative Diploma

15.000 HUF

Read about how to manage your Neptun finances, and about how you can pay with a debit card.

If you think a fee has been unrightfully imposed, please submit the 007 Opposition to payment obligationrequest through the Neptun.

Submit the E111 Request to examine money transfer to Neptun account request if you transferred money to the Neptun account, the 3 working days have passed, and you still can’t see it.

If you have any questions, problems, please contact your program coordinator in the CAO.

For infromation on scholraship payments please go to:

For information on tuition fees, please go to: