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Health Insurance Information

As a foreign citizen (if not from an EU country, or a scholarship holder), you need to have a valid health insurance to receive residence permit.

You need a special, NOT travel insurance that covers not only emergency procedures, but medication, follow up treatment or care of possible chronic health problems for at least one term. If you wish to buy an insurance at home, please make sure it covers the minimum service expressed above.

Please note, that if your insurance is not adequate, you will not be able to start your residence permit application!

We provide an opportunity to all students at the beginning of each term to purchase a Studium Fee-for-Service Health Insurance (STUDIUM21) Package of Generali Insurance Co. Please also read the handout (Product Information) of the package. If you decide on this insurance, you have to

  1. Download the Generali Studium health insurance datasheet.

  2. Fill out the datasheet in Word and send it to

  3. Download the Generali Studium health insurance payment slip.

  4. Fill out the slip and print it.

  5. Find a bank (Raiffeisen bank) in the list on the slip and pay the 37 500 HUF there, in person.

Scan or photograph the proof of payment (receipt) you get from the bank and send it to the e-mail address.

When you receive a message from Ágnes Varga, that your insurance card is ready, you can come and pick it up at the CAO during opening hours.