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Tuesday, 27 September 2022   ·   5th week of Fall term of academic year 2022/2023   ·   Opening hours today: 08:00–12:00
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How to get a student ID card?

If you come to Hungary for more than 2 terms, you have to apply for the permanent student ID card, please see here how: Downloadable Documents.

If you need a temporary student ID certificate, there are two instances: 1. you will stay here for less than 2 terms, 2. your permanent student ID is not ready yet,

then please enter your temporary address (in Hungary) into Neptun under My data/Contact information/Addresses/Add new,  and then submit an „E066 Request for temporary student certificate” request at Administration/Requests/Available request forms/ E066 Request for temporary student certificate and click Submit request at the bottom.

If the status of your E066 request in Neptun (under Administration/Requests/Submitted requests) is Approved and closed then you can pick up your student certificate from the next working day on from CAO during our office hours, in building R, ground floor, room No. 1 after drawing a number for Picking up temporary student ID (for approved E066) in the main hall. Please notice that the issued certificates are valid for 60 days and you have to submit a new request for a new one.

As a cause of the Covid-19 pandemic, these certificates are now issued digitally, with a digital signature and you can download them from the Attachment of your E066 request. – DO NOT COME IN, TO PICK THEM UP!


Please read the details of the public transportation in Budapest on the website of the Budapest Transportation Co. (BKK)