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Tuesday, 30 May 2023   ·   14th week of Spring term of academic year 2022/2023   ·   Opening hours today: 11:00–15:00
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Welcome and Information Letter from BME CAO OIE, Hungary for the AUTUMN Term of the 2023-24 Academic Year

Welcome and Information Letter from BME CAO OIE, Hungary for the SPRING Term of the 2022-23 Academic Year


Information Letter from BME for Students Staying at BME for the SPRING Term of the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Welcome presentation from BME CAO on 20 February, 2023

Welcome presentation from BME ESN on 20 February, 2023

Academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic year

Academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic year

Campus map

Application Information

Application periods:

   for the AUTUMN term of the 2023/2024 academic year: 1 April - 15 May, 2023
   for the SPRING term of the 2023/2024 academic year: 1 - 30 November, 2023

Late applications are NOT accepted!

Nomination (except for freemovers) sent by your home institution's coordinator should reach us VIA EMAIL

- for students participating in EU's Erasmus+ Program to

- for other exchange and semester abroad students to

before you start your application procedure!

For admitted applicants the letters of acceptance will be issued not later than on 23 June, 2023.

Application procedure

If you want to study at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) please fill out our online application which will be available for the AUTUMN term of the 2023/2024 academic year between 1 April and 15 May, 2023.

Please note:  applications sent through E-admission system will only be processed! We do not accept applications sent via email!

First, please register to enter the E-admission system then log in and after that click „Enrol me.”

Please fill in the corresponding form if you wish to apply to BME. 

Let us emphasize:

  • for finalization and submission of your application, you need to click on "Submit all and finish" and confirm the request on the summary page,
  • once you finalize and submit it, you cannot modify the form later (there is only one attempt only for each person),
  • however, if you do not submit it, your answers are saved, and you can return any time to modify during the application period,
  • attempts must be submitted before closing the application period, or they are not considered,
  • applications missing relevant documents or information (such as e-mail address)  are automatically rejected!

EU students: if you don’t know the Erasmus code of your home institution, please ask your international coordinator for help.

Outside of EU students: please choose the country code of your home institute when looking for your sending institution.



(for the spring term of the 2023/24 academic year it will be available not later than from 1 November, 2023)

Please note that this website is the only official course offer for exchange and semester abroad students at BME. Only these courses will be available for registration but some minor changes in the future in their availability and schedule can happen. During subject registration please choose from only "Subjects from curriculum" subject type in Neptun. If you do it from any other subject type then your subject registration will not be guaranteed and your registered subjects from here can be cancelled without any notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Most of the subjects of the course offer are taught in English with a few exceptions in German, French or Spanish. Please find its language at the offered subject in the lists of the faculties.


Please also note that there is no lower limits for subject or credit numbers taken at BME and limitation to take subjects from any faculties below (exceptions are mentioned at the faculties, if there are any) but please fulfil the obligations of your university in these numbers, if there is any.

Please be aware that the courses' availability depends on the number of registered students. Minimum and maximum numbers of students/course both apply.

Please note that courses are of 
BSc level: if the 8th character in its subject code (Neptun code) is A or B (e.g. BMEVITMAK47) 
MSc level: if the 8th character in its subject code (Neptun code) is M or N (e.g. BMEVITMMB03) 
- if the 8th character in its subject code (Neptun code) is neither A nor B nor M nor N (e.g. BMEGT658151) then the course is of general purpose and is for all the students.

Please refer to these subject codes in any communication.

Please note that "mid-term mark" requirement means that your mark and credits can be received according to your midterm and project results and other activities and requirements during the term and there is no exam at the end of the term.



Please note that PROJECT TYPE COURSES (e.g. Diploma Project, Final Project, Project Laboratory, Teamwork Project, Thesis Project, etc.) are generally not offered for exchange and semester abroad students (at the Faculty of Architecture not at all)
If you wish to participate in such courses at first please find and contact your professionally competent prospective personal supervisor at BME if he/she can manage your project and can accept your application. If yes, please ask him/her to write a declaration that he/she can supervise your work and includes the course code of the project type course. If no such written approval is acquired by the students from a supervisor prior to their arrival, there is no possibility to do it during mobility. Thesis/research/final projects have to be agreed upon always prior to arrival only, i.e. in the written declaration of a relevant supervisor to be attached to your application. To make the necessary prior arrangements please contact the relevant faculty coordinatorWithout attaching this declaration including the name of the supervisor and the course code of the project type course to your application these courses will not be accepted and will not be included in your course portfolio.

If you wish to STUDY COURSES IN HUNGARIAN then please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of your faculty at BME to discuss the available courses for you in Hungarian and ask him/her to inform the CAO ( until 22 August, 2023 about the Neptun codes of your courses in Hungarian to include these courses into your BME portfolio and your learning agreement otherwise you will not be allowed to study courses in Hungarian.

Though in your application an official affiliation should be selected from the faculties you are free to choose courses from any faculty with the limitations detailed at the faculties below.


Please be informed that some courses of the Faculty of Civil Engineering (especially laboratory courses) may be limited in Neptun for part-time students of other faculties to ensure the advance of the full-time students in their curriculum. MSc courses are available only for students with BSc certificate in Civil Engineering.



Detailed info on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering's (GPK) courses is available in the Faculty Datasheet Portal.

Please note that if you apply for the Mechanical Engineering field of study at BME, at least 70% of your credits must be chosen from Mechanical Engineering courses. The remaining 30% of the credits can be freely selected from other faculties' courses. If you apply for any other field of study, you can register for Mechanical Engineering courses without limit.

MSc courses are available only for students with BSc certificate in Mechanical Engineering. Please attach it to your application. Otherwise, your MSc course registrations will be cancelled without any further notice.

Students interested in a Final Thesis project (BSc, MSc) must fill out the form for Final Thesis proposal, which is followed by the student's assignment to a relevant department. Final Thesis projects cannot be accepted without submitting the form! Following the assignment, the Letter of Declaration must be filled out and sent to the Faculty Erasmus coordinator. Deadlines and further details of the procedure are published in the form's headline.

Further assistance in need can be obtained by contacting Dr. István Biró, the Faculty Erasmus coordinator of GPK at



Please note that Faculty of Architecture offers admission for 1 or 2 terms and subjects for exchange and study abroad students in its 10 term long Integrated MSc Program in Architectural Engineering training program including both BSc and MSc level subjects.

Please also note that you can register for courses of Architecture only if you apply for Architecture or Civil Engineering field of study at BME in your online application.

Please also note that PROJECT TYPE COURSES (e.g. Diploma Project, Final Project, Project Laboratory, Teamwork Project, Thesis Project, Comprehensive Design, Department Design) are not available but as design subject Interdisciplinary, Project based Design F (or S in the spring semester) is offered.


List of departments with codes for 'Architectural Research for Exchange Student' course but please note: This course can be taken only once a term and if you take it in the autumn term then you can take it in the spring term as well, but at another department.




MSc courses are available only for students with BSc certificate in Electrical or Computer Engineering. Please attach it to your application otherwise your MSc course registrations will be cancelled without any further notice. Please note that there can be no exception in any case!








Summary for Language Courses Offered For Erasmus and Study Abroad Students

Frequently asked questions about language courses

Please see our other pages for further information for

- students of Erasmus+ or other exchange programs,

- tuition fee paying semester abroad students.


COURSE OFFER FOR SPRING TERM OF THE 2023/24 ACADEMIC YEAR - will  be available from 1 November, 2023


Please note that there is no guarantee that any course of the above COURSE OFFER will be available later in any term.